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Through my 15+ years of experience in higher education and EdTech I have worked with teams at every phase of growth and companies at every phase of maturity. Today, I have a team of experienced B2B Marketing, Sales Enablement, Creative and Tech resources to help you solve nearly any marketing challenge.

No matter where you are in your company's evolution, We're here to help get you to that next level (and beyond!).

A Marketing Team Without the FTE

Retained Services

You need marketing leadership but cannot afford the full-time headcount. 

You're looking to level up the experience or increase the bandwidth of your in-house marketing team.

Let's work together to build a plan that gets the most out of your limited resources while infusing nearly 2 decades of B2B marketing experience into your team without the long-term budget impact of a full-time hire.


Retained Services agreements are intended to be 6-12 month arrangements to ensure continuity for your team while minimizing ramp up time.

Fractional CMO Services

Experienced B2B marketers are hard to come by. The best ones come at a high financial investment, which leaves fewer resources for actually executing on great ideas. 

Services include:

  • Providing marketing leadership and direction to your in-house marketing team for a set number of hours each week
  • Support of Content Development & Planning services when needed
  • 6-12 months of guaranteed marketing leadership and execution support without the investment in FTE resources

Short-Term Marketing Execution Support

You've experienced turnover on your marketing team or need support while a member of your staff is on temporary leave. We'll ramp up quickly and help bridge those gaps.

Services include:

  • Content Development & Planning Services to fill in for staff taking long term leave (sabbaticals, maternity/paternity leave, etc.)
  • Dependable, fast ramp up support during times of high activity
  • 3-12 months of guaranteed marketing support without the investment in FTE resources
Speak the Language

Content Development & Planning

A solid content plan is the cornerstone of any effective B2B marketing strategy. Without it you are simply a vendor pitching the next shiny toy in a sea of shiny toys.

Let's work together to develop and execute a plan that will not only elevate your brand but also drive meaningful engagement with prospective partners and investors.



Content Development & Planning services may be incorporated into a Fractional CMO engagement (6-8 months) or as standalone projects.

Marketing Content Calendar

Let's work together to build an integrated and multi-channel marketing plan that drives awareness, interest and demand.

Services include:

  • Annual content plan outline (with ability to support development)
  • Social media strategy
  • New product/service release plans

Webinar Planning & Logistics

While they are a great source of engagement and prospective identification, webinars take time and resources to plan, market, execute and connect to sales outcomes.

Services include:

  • Webinar calendar development (integrated into your broader content calendar)
  • Marketing plan and promotional content development support
  • Webinar hosting and marketing across personal social media channels

Earned Media Strategy and Placement

Being mentioned in industry publications and having authored content is a great way to elevate your brand and create inbounds for sales. 

Services include:

  • Content calendar planning and development
  • Pitching of thought leadership content to a curated list of industry publication journalists and editors
  • Ghostwriting of content for executive leadership for submission to targeted media
Level Up Your Team

Executive & Team Coaching

You understand that marketing is a creative process. Your challenge is you don't currently have the resources for more creative minds to support your amazing team.

Let's talk about how we might bring a fresh set of eyes and creative content, community building and outreach ideas to the table for your team to run with.

Additionally, we'll help build the bridge between marketing and sales by supporting sales team and BDR training and development.

Marketing Leadership Support

Your B2B team has lots of great ideas but are hungry for more. Or, your marketing leader is still building and developing their team and needs an extra set of eyes or hands.

Services include:

  • Executive or marketing leadership coaching and mentoring
  • Junior team training and mentoring
  • Brainstorming workshops and white boarding sessions

Sales Team Training

A hungry sales team is necessary when growing your business. Focusing their energy and effort is also needed to protect your brand and sustain growth.

Services include:

  • Sales team training
  • Follow-up strategy evaluation and recommendations
  • Objection handling training

BDR Team Development

Your BDRs are the face of your brand. Yet, most BDR teams underperform due to lack of oversight or training.

Services include:

  • BDR team training
  • Nurture campaign development and evaluation
  • Objection handling training and follow-up strategies
Make an Impression

Conference & Event Strategy

You understand that in the education industry conferences are a key to effective brand building and network connections for your team. Your challenge is knowing where and how to invest these precious resources and maximizing ROI.

Let's work together to level up your conference and event strategy to ensure you're making the right impression with secured speaking engagements as well as creative and impactful in-person, and virtual community events.

Conference Planning Support

A lot goes into planning and executing a team's presence at a conference. This can become a distraction from the day-to-day work of your team.

Services include:

  • Development of conference plan from pre-conference planning through post-conference follow-up
  • Speaking engagement submission support 
  • Sponsorship package evaluation

Event Strategy

Outside of the content at industry conferences, virtual and in-person events for your customers and prospects are a key part of your marketing plan.

Services include:

  • Conference social planning and coordination
  • Community events (in-person and virtual) like user conferences and virtual forums
  • Post-event follow-up plans to maximize ROI
Open Doors

Network Impact

You have a great product or service but you are struggling with talking to the right people.

With more than 15 years of experience in higher education and EdTech, I can leverage my network of contacts at hundreds of institutions while also connecting the dots with meaningful media and strategic partners to support revenue growth.

Strategic Partnership Plans & Outreach

Most solutions don't solve every challenge a client faces. When strategically aligned with other solutions, most solutions become more powerful and lead to greater results for clients and market share for the provider. 

Services include:

  • Identifying and supporting the pursuit of  meaningful strategic partnerships
  • Building high impact channel sales and referral agreements to maximize growth and value

Network Referrals

Leveraging a network built over a career spanning 7 different institutions and EdTech providers at various stages of growth, we'll make the right connections to drive pipeline growth and impact.

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